who has and what did Honda say about the oil leak problem.I just bought my 04 on 2004 Honda Pilot

I just bought the 04 pilot and it was in VERY good shape but DID NOT HAVE a leak for at least 3 weeks and i need to see if Honda will help out with the problem.i am very mech. inclined and this problem started suddenly.i replaced the oil pan gasket but that is not the problem.If anyone has had luck in getting Honda to help PLEASE let me know!! Thanks.

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sounds like poss rear main.good luck its 9 yrs old
Sorry it is the engine block problem that is porous and in time has a leak in it and i read that it was a manufacturing problem that happened. there is three possible locations that it could happen mine is at the back of the engine that happens to be the most difficult to fix and there is a TSB out on the fix for it. Thought it might be the rear main but the seal is fine the oil is coming from above that. it also happened suddenly. Thanks for your input. i am NOT a happy camper right now!! check TSB 01-009
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I couldn't find a TSB 01-009 , but Honda does have a 'Service News Article' from June 2009 about the rear main bearing cap bolts leaking. Is the oil leaking on the side of the block towards the firewall? If so , then you can have those bolts re-sealed. About a 2 hour job and letting it sit overnight for the sealant to cure before starting engine.
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