white smoke after start-up on 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty

I get white smoke ocasionally and have been told the egr valve is bad and the white smoke comes from burning antifreeze. How could the egr valve cause antifreeze to enter the system? White smoke appears about every third or fourth time the truck is started and only lasts a few minutes before it clears up.

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I had the same problem. Replaced egr valve (4 times), egr (2 times) and oil cooler (1 time). $5,000 In one year. My mechanic told me to just unplug the egr and it will bypass the egr system. There is a delete kit on the internet but its cheaper to unplug it.
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There are several different causes to your engine performance issues.

Based on your brief description, I am thinking you have an EGR cooler leaking coolant. The EGR cooler will need to be replaced. The engine oil cooler will also need to be serviced - the servicable portion of that must be replaced too. It is likely the EGR valve will end up being necessary also.

Are you still under 5 years/100,000 miles? If so, it would still all be under warranty with Ford with a $100 deductible. I strongly suggest you see a highly trained Ford 6.0L Diesel tech, as they are invaluable for servicing and repairing these trucks.

Once repaired, to help prevent further issues, make sure to keep your cooling nitrite level checked at every oil change and make sure you err towards changing the oil too often (at 5,000 miles works well). If you add some Ford Cetane Boost to the fuel tank as directed, you will also eliminate some coking build up on the turbo, EGR system and other components. A strong maintenance regimen goes a long way with this engine.

Good luck!
i was told same thing also,replaced egr valve, same thing again, culprit was egr cooler, installed egr cooler delete kit, that issue went away, problem solved.
"Deleting" your EGR cooler is totally not advisable. You are defeating an important step of reducing smoke from the engine and controlling fumes and exhaust gas temperatures.

The EGR cooler, although sometimes troublesome due to coolant degradation often from a lack of maintenance, is a necessary component of your 6.0L Ford Power Stroke Diesel engine.
our fleet mechanic says it is the egr cooler located under the intake and that it leaks water into the exhaust and causes white smoke