Whining sound under hood... Power steering going in and out
on 1998 BMW 528i

There is a whining sound under the hood of my 1999 BMW 528i. It almost sounds like crickets... It takes the sound about 8-10 seconds to start making noise when the car is started, and stops when your accelerate. I only hear the noise at idle speed. Noise also stops briefly when shifting out of drive to park, reverse to drive, etc. Car is a 2.8 6 cylider automatic

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'Crickets'? -sounds like a worn , glazed belt in need of replacement.If it's loose and you just want it re-tensioned (if it's not an automatic tensioner) , then be prepared to have it happen again especially if the belt is badly glazed. If it's not that , then ....never mind. Good luck. You might also want to make sure the right type and amount of fluid is in there.
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Hey I was wondering if you ever found out what that sound was. I have that same car now and I'm having that same problem, and my dad was saying that its the power steering pump but then again I'm not 100% sure if he's right. so if you evr did found out what that sound was can you please let me know. thanks