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Dodge Durango Whining Noise at Freeway Speeds From Rear of Vehicle

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A whining noise heard driving at freeway speeds (more than 55 mph) can be normal noise from the rear axle which is being transmitted through the body. A body/frame damper is available which may help with this concern.

Similarly, my 2WD 2005 Durango has a whining noise about 60-70mph and when I let up on the gas pedal to coast the noise goes away, push down on the pedal can hear immediately. -
Does not matter how fast I am going I start to hear as soon as I take off from 0. -
I hear a high pitch noise only after 60mph on the freeway and lets up after I take my foot off the gas. Whats the problem? -
It grinds at low speeds when I turn an gets a vibration at 50mph an above -
i have the same problem but mine doesnt sound like its near the back its around the middle so i thought it may be the transmission but im not sure and havent felt like doing anything about it yet haha it sounds like a jet plane taking off every time i enter the highway -
whining noise on freeway from the rear -
same issue, but whining is loud and starts from take off at zero. have been told it is the rear axle. never heard it before, bought it at 55k miles and started at 143k miles -
whining noise as I speed up coming from rear end. -
Loud whinning sound when moving at all speeds from the rear end. Dealership said it sounds like it was coming from the Differential -
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