Whining noise on 2002 Ford F-150

The problem seems to be at its loudest when first driving the car and moving from first to second gear. I do not hear it when I shift into Park or Neutral and rev the engine. It is a loud whining sound. The wheels are difficult to turn lately too, so i was thinking it might be the power steering pump, but don't know if that is it considering I dont hear the noise in Park or Neutral.

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With the lift kit, the most likely cause would be wheel bearing wear. Lifts put an abnormal load on the hubs and bearings, and premature wear out is common. However, it's only a theory - only someone first hand hearing the noise can give you a good diagnosis.
Just had both front hubs replaced in August. Any other thoughts?
You could have a dry ball joint and or tie rod end causing some binding and noise. You could have pitman arm issues, depending on the drop pitman arm installed now and the geometry of the steering after the lift.