Whining noice when I release my clutch on 1998 Hyundai Accent

I have got a hyundai atoz when I start it up its fine when I change gear its fine but when the car is moving it makes a whining noice but when I put my clutch it it seems to go away can some one tell me what it could be please?

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Check transaxle lube first! Any noise sitting still with engine running and working the clutch? You stated whith clutch depressed nolse goes away, is that correct?
There is no noise at all when the car is sitting still working the clutch its only when the car is moving the noice starts but when I put my foot on the clutch the noise goes away.
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poss pilot bearing is going out,its in the rear of crankshaft
Thanks where is the crankshaft? I don't have a clue about cars lol but going to try and do it my self if its easy enouth =)
you have to pull transmission to gain access so you might want to repl clutch assm while your there. seek help from your mech on this as you need a rack and the proper tools
Ok then thanks il have to take it to the garage =)