While trying to recharge my AC Unit, there is a clicking noise under the dash on 1999 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

While turning AC on max the clicking noise starts. I am unable to recharge the system.

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poss a/c actuator is bad
Thanks for the reply, come to find out is was a vent door.... I am still unable to recharge the system... How would i know if the clutch is working on the AC
You can see the compressor clearly. Does the compressor click when the A/C is turned on and does the clutch spin? If not, unplug and jump the cycling switch on the accumulator to force it to run during charging. If you have a scanner, that would be even better.
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I was about to fill up my ac later on but now that I read your post my ac when I turn it on it was making a cliking sound under the passenger dash so dat mean its not gonna charge my ac ?