2008 Nissan Rogue Q&A

2008 Nissan Rogue Question: while driving my vehicle makes a high pitch noise. would that be my rotors?

i replaced all 4 brake pads but my car still makes a screeching noise while driving. -
Answer 1
sounds like poss backing plate touching the rotors or a caliper is hanging up,recheck your work -
Answer 2
Is it making the SAME screeching noise as it was before you changed the pads? Is it possible that the rotors have a sharp lip along its edge? or....maybe this high pitch noise is coming from the engine bay? if so, check your belt and belt tensioner. -
Answer 3
Is it front disc and rear drum brakes ? Otherwise you have 8 pads 2 each wheel , just curious , and yes re-check your work.Brakes can be a life-saver! -
Answer 4
Same problem on our 2009 Rogue. I bled the brakes and everything has been great since then. A tiny bit of air in the caliper can cause it. As the wheels get hot from braking, the air expands and slightly activates the brakes, making the problems worse. -