while driving my 2001 pontiac firebird convertible,after awhile the radio will on 2001 Pontiac Firebird

go out,the windows and conv-top and aircondition stops working,I have to beat on the dashboard,and then it may come back on. whats wrong.I Brought a new radio,a new car battery,changed the fuse,and still have this problem. When the radio comes back on,then I'm able to roll up the window,closed the top on the car,and turn on the air condition. What could it be.

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sounds like a loose grd circuit under dash or bcm issue seek diag
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if you havn't gotten an answer now its most likely your BCM which is located under your glove box. Mine did the same thing they don't do a good job of soldering over time it loosens and you have to resolder it. I thought I was buying a good car. $37,000 brand new TRans am WS6 more problems than I have ever had with a car. POS
you may need to drive your car mom lol
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