While driving car, it begins to run rough.Worsens untill it studders to stalling on 1993 Ford Escort

Car set for 5 years. I replaced fuel tank, fuel pump,fuel filter,spark plugs, alternator,cleaned injectors.Some overheating but not into red zone.The problem occurs at random intervals.Car will not restart until it sets for a while.Use to run like a top in between, now always runs a little rough.Runs a little choppy at cruising (not when accelerating or decelerating).Stick shift has also become very loose,clanks and raddles badly.I thought it was heat related,but last time problem occured temp was not exessive.What would cause this stalling issue (pcm, sensors, etc...)? Please help, I'm at a loss.

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Stall no restart until sits for 10 - 15 min. then does the same thing again, usually crank sensor will fix this, usually! Can be difficult to diagnose. Part replacement may be the only way to tell. Sensor less than 20.00 at NAPA.
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the money you have spent is exceeding the value of the car already,seek proper diag and see if its worth dumping more in to it.
possible air/fuel mix issue. this you should diagnostic for.
over heating could be a coolant issue. check pump.
try oil stabilizer in oil to re-condition seals and cylinder walls(help engine run smoothly).
get manual tranny serviced(fresh fluid may help).
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