while driving after a stop light why did my car not accelerate. on 2006 Mercedes-Benz C230

could this be a problem with the transmission

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scan cdes and post so we can adv
I did a code scan and it came up with P0071 twice...
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Do you have any wanrning lights on? Like Check engine light. How do you get it to accelerate again? Do you cylce the key.
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my check engine light is on. I have not cycled the key yet
Possibily the car went into a limp mode whick can be caused by the transmission valve body. It could be something else as well. Only way to find outnfor sure the vehicle would need to be scanned for fault codes
oh ok. I will try to make it to the nearest shop...i believe the closest is the mercedes dealership..what could be the most common repair for this?
let me know what the dealer comes up with
So I had the shop look at my car and they checked it out...I had my scheduled A service performed and they said I had a faulty battery and my ambient air temp sensor was not working correctly. So I will give it a week or two and see if this was infact the cause of my recent troubles