Which repair shop in McHenry area is fair for fixing emission testing problem? on 2002 Lexus ES300

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I received 3 codes after emission test failure...the one that concerns me is the P1350 which I am told is a Variable Valve timer problem.
The other 2 are P0440 + P0442 which I think is from not tightening the gas cap...Bottom line....can anyone tell me who to go to for repair that is reasonable???????
Thank you all in advance!
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camshaft codes can be caused by low oil level and po 400 codes are evap codes but can be very tricky at times i rec a diag by a quailified mech.hope this helps save you time and $
Thank you...I recently had the oil changed along with a new air filter. I'nmn concerned about this variable valve timer and it's cost
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