Which part is responsible for unlocking the gear shifter? on 1999 Honda Accord

I'm unable to move the shifter out of Park. The brakes are operational, but the lights don't come on. The turn signals and reverse lights do work. I checked the fuses and they seem fine. I found online someone mention a brake sensor, but couldn't find that part in the estimator here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Check the 'brake pedal position switch'. It is located under the drivers side at the brake pedal lever. Unplug and jump the connector , if the brake lights work , replace the switch. be sure it's adjusted properly. If that doesn't fix it , then other problems could be either wiring or the PCM , which would require more detailed diagnostics.
Thanks for your help. That was exactly it. I replaced the brake light switch and everything is back in order. Brake lights work and the shifter comes out of park. And it only cost me $30 and about 5min to replace.
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There is a shift interlock cable that unlocks when the brake pedal is pressed.