My windshield washer pump is not funtioning. I verified the pump is good, I'm not getting power to it. Which fuse is it on? Every thing else on the car works

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Both the washer pump and wipers receive power through the same fuse, #26,a 15amp fuse in the passenger compartment fuse box. The wiper switch supplies ground for the washer pump to activate.
there is not passenger compartment fuse box in my Sonata!!!!
I'm having this exact same problem with my '99. I found the passenger compartment fuse panel. You have to push the driver's seat back and squeeze in under the steering wheel. Then you can look up against the firewall to find the passenger compartment fuse panel. I did not find any diagram for this panel even though I found the one for the one under the hood. I just replaced the washer pump, which was cracked, so I assume a fuse would have blown the last time the previous owner tried to use the washer pump. The wipers work fine, but the pump will not activate. I am at the point where I have to start pulling one fuse at a time and checking them. There are also 4 fuses missing on the passenger compartment fuse panel, so I will have to put a 20A in each of them until I figure out what they are each for. Is this the best Hyundai could do with this? I'm a new Hyundai owner and I can't understand why this basic information isn't readily available to a vehicle owner.
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Check your owners manual and under fuses there will be a diagram of the fuse box and its location usually a fuse will power more than one item, make sure to use the right amp fuse when replacing I think they are color coded.
The owners manual only tells you there is a fuse box under the hood, and a second one under the dashboard, and where they are, nothing else. The lid for both fuse boxes have a schematic, but it is not listed on there. I did find out the washer pump is on the same fuse as the wipers. The wipers work, so I have other problems with this.n
If you're not sure which fuse is the one for the washer pump, inspect them all. The wiper relay sends power to the wiper motor and washer motor after the fuse. The wiper relay is in the fuse/junction block in the engine compartment. If you know the motors are good, check the fuse (fuse 26 i think), wiper relay, and possibly the switch. Hope this helps!
Sometimes its the washer handle. Many assume the button which moves the wipers across once is the cleaning button. This is incorrect. You have to pull the handle toward you to dispense water continually while wipers work continously for as long as desired. Dont push the button, pull the handle. This can be confusing for many.
which fuse on the fuse box would I take out to see if it is blown.