Which First on 1997 Audi A8

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I had an oil change recently and was informed I needed to replace power sterring hoses and transmission cooler lines as well as a valve gasket. I planned to spend money in reparis but am on a budget. Which of these should be complete first?
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That is difficult to say, loss of enough fluid at the power steering can cause steering problems, need to keep constant eye on it and add fluid as needed, trans cooler hoses can leak enough where the trans operation is effected, again keep eye on fluid levels, oil leak at valve cover gasket can cause low fluid in engine lube systema and can damage engine if low enough, again check oil and add as needed. I would ask the shop which is leaking more profusely and address in that order. Sometimes the order of repair is dictated by each cost to repair with you keeping eye on the other fluid levels.
Thanks for the advice. Decided to replace gaskets first because they where leaking the most. There is a hesitation and grinding while shifting gears and before take off. Had transmission serviced and computer checked no codes. Replaced hub wheel assembly and right bearing by location of the grinding no luck. Rotors and brake pads replaced recently. Any suggestions?
Your original post said nothing about grinding. Sounds like you did the valve cover gasket. Have the trans checked at a qualified trans shop next.