which components share VSS circuit? on 1993 Ford Probe

Ford Probe has Mazda GF4A-EL transmission. Transmission had problem with harsh shift from 1st to 2nd and I did TSB 9774 - 3 weeks later, OD began turning off with failsafe. VSS replaced 9-4-2009 along with MANY parts. Car runs great till comes to Stop and has to wait - then OD light flashes, creep may be gone or sketchy and car lugs through the intersection (but then recovers as soon as the car is under power again). I have bought every book for my beloved car that I can find and when it runs, it is Heaven on Earth. Code 6 (Vehicle Speed Sensor) comes up but I have my speedometer and I have my cruise.

If anyone is familiar with how to fix this Mazda / Ford issue, please help!

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