where would the ground for instrument cluster be found? on 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

I have lost power to my speedometer and tachometer also temp gauges so i want to check ground wire connection because the fuses are good can you direct me to where i might find the ground wire ? thank you

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I also own a 1994 Jetta and solved a similar problem. At first I was told by the mechanic that the instrument cluster had to be replaced. I decided to remove it myself. I opened it and found two capacitors had leaks and the leaking fluid had ruined several coper traces of the printed circuit board. I put tiny insulated cables (kinnar wires) jumping or bridging the ruined traces and replaced the two electrolitic capacitor that were bad. It solved the prolem, now all gauges function properly. This is a simila problem to many cars of that model/year.