2001 Saturn L300 Q&A

2001 Saturn L300 Question: Where to find a body control module besides dealership.

I guess I need a new body control module for my car. Had a diagnostic done and it said, "failure to communicate with body control" I just want to know where I can purchase a bod control module for cheap(er). My local autopart store doesn't have them and the dealers near by want $400-600. -
Answer 1
try a parts store and ask them if a company called A1 can get it for you. Roy -
Answer 2
The Body Control Module is only available from the dealer. There will be an additional charge to flash it. The dealer price is very realistic. -
Answer 3
I bought one off of the internet from one of the thousands of junk yards or salvage yards. $78.00 for an A plus (less than 60M miles) used one for my exact car. 2001 Saturn L300 V6. My mechanic installed it for $158.00. It did not need to be flashed or programmed. You just have to make sure it comes from the same package as your car. Everything now runs great. My instrument dials were going crazy as well as internal lights. Power locks quit and shift got stuck in park. That was the key to needing a new Body Control Module. -