Where is thew blower motor resistor? on 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander

I replaced my blower motor, because my air was making a horrible noise, and then eventually quit. When it went it smelled like burnt rubber. So with the new blower motor in place, it is still not working. I understand it is either a relay or the resistor, but even the part store employees couldn't help me locate either without my manual. I would really appreciate a visual but ill take anything I can get! I know the general area its located, but there are so many parts in there with wires connecting, I can't decipher. There are two things directly to the left, one attached to the blower motor casing, and one to the left wall that look the same and have 6Y41A on them. I also know that this is a dealer part, but I can not find pictures of them anywhere. It is so cold out! Help!

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Checked ALL your fuses since replaceing the blower motor?
Yes. I actually found a friend on Facebook that helped me. For future reference since this seems to be a hot topic for this model...the resistor is not on the side...on the 2007 it's actually behind the blower motor off to the left a little bit. It looks like a small black box inserted into the plastic. It has 3 main wires that feed into the bottom of. If could upload pictures I would!!
Yahoo images!