Where is the voltage regulator located in my vehicle? on 1998 Dodge Ram Van 2500

My vehicle is registering no voltage
on the dashboard. When I had the alternator checked out, it registered ok. I've been told 2 things, go ahead and change out the alternator and that should take care of the problem or have the voltage regulator changed out. We don't know where the voltage regulator is located.

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is part of the Engine Management Computer (box) - if it is faulty it needs to be replaced... however, your description says the dash gauge is zero with every thing else working and no trouble found with the alternator - then it should be the connection(s)/wires from the computer to the dash gauge. The computer sends the signal of "good"voltage; but the gauge says zero; also the gauge itself could be bad. Test gauge with voltmeter attached to the connections of the gauge...
The Electronic Voltage Regulator (EVR) is not a separate component. The voltage regulator is actually a voltage regulating circuit located within the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The EVR is not serviced separately. If replacement is necessary, the PCM must be replaced.