where is the variable speed sensor located on 2000 Mercury Villager

where is the vss on the 2000 villager

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VSS means Vehicle Speed Sensor.
What are you trying to do? What is the exact trouble code?

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it sits on the left side of trans. go to advance auto and they will have a borg warner replacement o.e.m.Once you see what it looks like it makes more sense. Open hood adn stand at driver side and look down between the trans and the firewall. It sits on the top edge of trans. To replace it, slide under from front and look up on the edge, you'll see a wire clipped to it. One screw holds it in place. you have to take the spinning gear off the old and place on new. look how it is placed before you take apart. It has a small metal clip that slides off and then you snap back on when you put the gear on the new sensor. Unscrew the one screw, then remove the wire. Ford charges about $90 but you can get the same at advance auto for about $55. Go to fix and search for a diagram.