1999 Ford E-250 Q&A

1999 Ford E-250 Question: WHERE IS THE TRANSMISSON ID LOCATED ON A 1999 FORD E-250

I need to know what kind of automatic transmission fluid my van needs. -
Answer 1
Look to see if anything is written on the dip stick. -
Comment 1
The model number is usually stamped into the pan. -
Comment 2
Type of fluid is often written on the dip stick shaft! -
Comment 3
That'susually the factory part # , not what would be more easily identified in a parts store. 'Course you could just go to the dealer and tell the parts guy there what you need, HOPEFULLY they'd get it right! And your truck might be all the happier for it ( I presume it' high miles?).If you're doing the work yourself , take the money you save on labor costs and put it into the best parts! -
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