where is the transmission shift solenoid located on 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan

by in Arkadelphia, AR on July 10, 2014
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ANSWER by on July 10, 2014
Disconnect the battery. Remove the air cleaner assembly. After you remove the transmission control module and the input speed sensor you will get a pretty good view. Disconnect the transmission oil cooler lines and cap hoses and fittings off. Now, there it is. Disconnect assembly connector and remove the 3 switch to transaxle case bolts and VIOLA! Don't let anything fall into the transaxle case ports at this point. :)
COMMENT by on July 10, 2014
Great answer if you do this everyday, you make it sound easy. Is there a manual I can but that shows a diagram on the removal and replacement? Also can this be replaced without removing the trans oil pan and filter?
COMMENT by on July 10, 2014
You don't remove the trans. pan and filter. I'll see if I can add a diagram. https://images.search.yahoo.com/images/view;_ylt=AwrB8pcYAb9TMSQAy7mJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIyNTExZHZoBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM1NjVhMmIzZDA3NDRiNmYwZGE5OWMxNzlmMjU3OTY1YwRncG9zAzIEaXQDYmluZw--?back=https%3A%2F%2Fimages.search.yahoo.com%2Fsearch%2Fimages%3F_adv_prop%3Dimage%26va%3D2000%2Bdodge%2Bgrand%2Bcaravan%2Bshift%2Bsolenoid%26fr%3Dyfp-t-745%26tab%3Dorganic%26ri%3D2&w=516&h=586&imgurl=img407.imageshack.us%2Fimg407%2F923%2Fshiftsolenoid.jpg&rurl=http%3A%2F%2Fdodgeforum.com%2Fforum%2F2nd-gen-neon%2F181272-code-p0750-shift-solenoid.html&size=54.0KB&name=Torque+Strut+Alignment+Procedure+%7C+Maintenance+Info+%7C+%26%2339%3B00-%26%2339%3B02+FSM+...&p=2000+dodge+grand+caravan+shift+solenoid&oid=565a2b3d0744b6f0da99c179f257965c&fr2=&fr=yfp-t-745&tt=Torque+Strut+Alignment+Procedure+%7C+Maintenance+Info+%7C+%26%2339%3B00-%26%2339%3B02+FSM+...&b=0&ni=72&no=2&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=12e4lqbt2&sigb=14692r7g7&sigi=11h73gevq&sigt=12d98qgje&sign=12d98qgje&.crumb=YA16qrxabFK&fr=yfp-t-745 Just click to the right once.
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