1994 Pontiac Sunbird Q&A

1994 Pontiac Sunbird Question: Where is the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid located?

And detail the procedure if you please. -
Answer 1
Why do you think it needs the solenoid, engine stalling at stop? Trans. troubles? Check engine light on? -
Comment 1
This is not an answer to my question at all. In answering yours, yes engine dies when coming to a stop etc. I already bought the part and know that it is the TCC Selenoid. I know it is located in the trans. inside pan. I just wanted to here some info on my problem. I gave my tranny fresh fluid, filter, gasket etc. last fall. This problem started about 2 - 3 months ago. I just put some LUCAS Transmission Treatment in last week; so for things are ok. But can I trust this car on a 800 mile trip? My confidence is low. Therefor I'm still thinking of replacing it. I have always done my repairs myself with every car I've owned. (Haven't bought a new car yet!) -
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My question was actually part of the answer you need! So since that obviously did not seem to be relevant AT ALL i guess i can't help!! www.alldatsdiy.com There you go, you will find what you need at that site! -