Where is the System Purge Solenoid Valve located? I have code P-0455 on 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I would like to replace the above valve to repair the problem due to the code above

Asked by for the 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse
the code number never identifies a bad part, just a failed system.

before you do this, you need to have the system smoke tested for leaks and also verify the controls by the pcm.

it is not as easy as it sounds. the purge is back by the canister under the car. if you insist on replacing it, get the new part and match it up to the part on the car.

i recommedn you have it verified by a shop with a real diag you pay for.

Thanks Roy, Going by the code above it was suggested that the problems could be causing by the following: Bad fuel filler cap, leaking emission hoses, and as well as possibility of purge solenoid valve not function, and that perhaps it is stuck in open or closed position. I have completed the number one and number two tasks. I have ran a cross a part as you have described above, but was not sure and just need some clarification. Many of other information suggested that the Purge Solenoid Valve for this car is under the Battery.