where is the starter relay located? on 1993 Nissan Pathfinder

I just replaced a bad starter but still have an intermittent start problem. where is the relay for the starter located/ is it the brown relay all the way to the left in the fuse panel on the driver side lower dash?

Replace the inhibitor relay, this is more likely to fail, cost about $10.00 at Autozone
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For an auto transmission truck it is a blue or gray relay just behind the charcoal canister in the engine compartment toward driver's front of engine compartment.
turns out that it was a voltage drop in the wiring to the starter relay. I replaced the wiring to the relay itself and added an extra relay to amp up the voltage going to the relay itself. no further problems at this time. Now onto replacing the timing belt and water pump fun fun.
The starter relay is under the hood on the passenger side if you have a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder Manual Transmission. The OEM starter relay is blue and rectangular (while all the other relays are square). When my relay died I measured the ohm and got a reading of 41 ohm on the pass-through circuit (1 & 2) for the bad relay. The new relay gave me a reading of 82 ohm. This was how I deduced that it was the starter relay, and sure enough when i installed it, it fired right up.
What would cause a 1994 infinity q45 to go through 3 starters in 2 months?
could be too much voltage to the starter. or if you are striping it out, it could be the starter isn't properly spaced and/or your flywheel is messing it up. I was advised of this happening when I installed my starter
where is the starter relay located is it brown or blue