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1996 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Where is the speed sensor located?

My van won't always shift gears. It's an automatic, 3.8L, V6. -
Answer 1
it may or maynot be your problem. there is an spped sensor on the front side of the trans. get it checked before you throw expensive parts at it. Roy -
Comment 1
Very good suggestion...what I wanted to hear because I was thinking about that myself. Never done this though so, will I need to drain the tranny in order to change it if it's bad? -
Answer 2
NO, Just raise the front of the vehicle, place a pan under the front on the transmission oil pan and replace the sensor. -
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I'm getting code P0700 and code p0720. I was told its the output speed sensor and I need to know where this is located on my van
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