Where is the reverse or backup switch located? on 1994 GMC Yukon

My backup lights don't work. I've replaced the bulbs already and the problem is still there. I suspect the reverse switch is not working. Can't seem to find it though.

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Should be on top of the steering column. Just carefully remove the plastic covers.
seriously? it's not on the transmission?
94 Yukon: ALLdata says in on the column...
cool! Thanks. I'll grab the crowbar and get to work,
I know you mean screwdriver....
screwdriver, crowbar .. same thing. :) How many times have we used a screwdriver for a crowbar? Gotta work the other way around.

You know how deep on the column it is? Do I start from the top or work my way up from the bottom? I could easily see myself with a dissembled dash only to find it was accessible from the bottom.
It said it was near the top
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Try checking your fuses too....