where is the power steering switch located on 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

need to know where the power steering switch located

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is it in the middle right side or left side of the pinion and can you describe how it looks
purchased switch from autozone for $29.95....switch is sitting down low on the rack n pinion where all the lines and the column converge and is pointing towards the back of the car... get under the driverside with a light and reach thru the frame section to unplug the 2 prong plug, and use a 7/8 deep socket with a 6 inch extension to screw it out...then screw the new one in and plug it will have to add some power steering fluid to the reservoir because it will lose some when you pull the old switch out...took me about 15 minutes total...
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The power steering pressure switch is located on the bottom side of the power steering rack near the pinion of the rack it is accessed from underneath the car.
what does it look like and is it in the right side middle or left side