where is the pcm located at in a town and country mini van i want to replace it on 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

I have been having problems with the van shifting I think that the pcm has to be changed I put a new tranny in it about a year ago

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I suggest you rethink the issue about replacing the PCM. When you say, you "put a new tranny in it " is this a NEW or REMANUFACTURED unit and if so, it it a Mopar Reman? There is a 3 year warranty on factory replacement units. You may have issues with the wiring associated with the Transmission Control Module. The Transmission Control Module is located on the right fender inner panel, in the engine compartment. It is held in place by four mounting screws. Before anythng, check you fluid level, vehicle on level ground, engine and transmission at operating temp, transmission in park. If you still want to replace your PCM, it is located next to the battery under the Power Distribution center.