where is the park safety switch located and how much will it cost to be replaced on 2002 Chevrolet S10

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it wouldn't move out of park,but everything worked,started,steering was ok
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Possible fuse or brake light switch problem, see if brk. lights work, need a helper, you can set the park brake, turn the key 'almost' to the ON position but not quite, pull it out of park and into neutral, start the engine and drive to a repair shop if needed!
it was sorta strange,had several guys to try almost everything including a truck mechanic that put a screwdriver into steering column,said he was going to reset safety switch.but nothing worked till a friend from work ,a preacherman asked if he could put the hand of God on my truck?i said go for it,he did,then told me to start the truch,i did,then he said to press brake,he reached inside truck and moved the gear shift to drive?/"?surprise it worked,i thanked him ,drove home,i cut it off and tried it again...everything worked after several tries:)
i'm going to get the truck put on the computer,to make sure everything ok.thinking it'ss a waste of time lol...that was rare and i'm 74 years old lol
What ever works is what i say. Sometimes it dont pay to doubt! However in case you fall from the good graces remember my first answer.