where is the oxygen sensor reference ground circuit open bank 1 sensor 1 located on 2007 Kia Spectra

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The check engine light came on and went off. Took car to dealer and put the input and output sensor on. Then i drove the car and the engine light came on again and this time it said that it needed the input and output sensors and the oxygen sensor. Already had put in the in and out sensors.
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The Kia site is great. Oxygen sensors are identified by bank and sensor position. Sensor 1 is always pre catalytic converter, sensor two is always post catalytic converter. If an engine is a 4 or 6 cylinder engine the whole engine is considered bank 1, if an engine is a V6, V8, V10....., the engine bank containing cylinder number 1 (first cylinder in the firing order) is considered Bank 1, the other bank is considered Bank 2. Interpretation Oxygen sensor designation B2S1 refers to Bank 2 Sensor 1, it will be the sensor on the engine side of the catalytic converter in bank two. Check this link to determine the cylinder that contains cylinder number 1.
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