Where is the over ride to have AC clutch to kick in. I want to recharge.... on 2002 Dodge Caravan

but the pump won't start due to low coolant. There should be a jumper somewhere, but can't find it.

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No need to bypass....when refrigerant gas is added and the pressure rises, the low pressure switch should allow compressor to come on.
Thank you for the reply. I'm trying to DYI, so I don't have a pump. I've tried to fill with OTC can w/gauge on low side but I've been told the pump needs to be running in order to use that method.
Something else could be wrong...should be enough pressue in can to turn to have someone check to see if there is any pressue in the system. Too often I see systems getting overcharged not having full understanding how a/c system works.
I took your advice and took the Van to a service center. They evacuated the system and put a suction to it for almost an hour. Vacuum held just fine. They filled the unit back up and the compressor still would not start. I paid them for their time and 134a and did some further trouble shooting. Checked fuse, okay. Checked relay, okay. Checked power to compressor, before connector and after connector and there is power. Before I evac the system again and change our the compressor again, (it's only 3 yrs old), could there be something else I should test?
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