Where is the oil pump located on a 3.8 engine? on 1996 Oldsmobile 98

I am having a low pressure lite come on when stopped at a stop sign.

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The oil pump is in the timing cover and is accessible from outside the engine. It can be rebuilt.
The oil pick up assem. is inside the oil pan, either one can cause low oil pressure.
Pressure should be checked with a manual gauge to rule out bad oil pressure switch(sending unit).
My mechanic says there is oil flow but there is very little pressure. When we look in the valve cover where the oil goes in we can see very little oil with the engine running. Also found some very thin black flakes. Not sure of what to make of it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Best guess, screen on oil pick up tube restricted. This requires oil pan removal.
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You should have your oil pressure checked with an oil pressure gauge...good oil pressure = replace sensor; bad oil pressure = tell your mechanic...You already had someone look at it? what did he say?
He agrees with wetry, and we are going to drop the pan in the AM. Thank you all for your help, it is much appreciated. About the pressure, we did check it & there wasn't any to speak of.
maybe it is in the oil pan
No it is in the front engine (timing) cover where it has been for about forty years.
I agree with wetry
Yikes! how can I change my answer?
No need, most of them are inside the oil pan!