Where is the Oil pressure sending unit? Have looked all over engine...
on 2003 Volkswagen Beetle

Seem to have low oil pressure. Changed oil, no difference. oil light still flickers when hot, and idling in gear.

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The 1.8t engine can and does sludge up if you dont do regular oil changes with synthetic oil, i hope it is just the sending unit, do a internet search.
I found it... It's right above the oil cooler on the front of the engine. You have to use a really bright light to see it. Getting to it however, is a different matter.
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I think it is below intake onfront of engine . We had same problem .Our light came on at 2000RPM . Used oil that owners book said met there specs . It sludged up oil pan ,oil pump pickup tube . We had 50 psi oil presser at 1000 rpm , 20 psi at 3000rpm . Cleaned out oil pump pickup tube and sludge in oil pan . Changed to full synthetic oil . V W extended warranty on 1.8 turbo Passet but not on 1.8 turbo beetle . Said they were not same engine . Oil we used is the one that says it does not sludge, but it does in V W , Aldi and other Inports. Our sending unit was good but replaced it anyway . V W dealer was no help . To bad ,so sad......