Where is the oil filter on the 2008 Mercedes-Benz ML350? on 2008 Mercedes-Benz ML350 4MATIC

WHere is the oil filter and drain plug on this year and make?

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At the top of the motor on the driver's side near the power steering reservoir cap. You may have to remove the front section of the plastic engine cover to see it. The cover will have "V6" in the middle of it. There is a plastic cover that thread into the engine and the filter is under that cover. The cover will have 8 or 12 flat sides to it and say 25nm with an arrow pointing in a clockwise direction on it. DO NOT over tighten this cover when you change the filter. Using large pliers can damage the cover and cause oil leaks. Always change all the seals for the oil filter cover, there should be three and they should come with the filter. Use Mobil 1 5w/40, (as not to void your warranty). Good luck.
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the 13mm. drain plug is @ the bottom of the pan. must drop the plastic guards @
pan to get to it.
filter is in the housing made of plastic,looks like an ashtray turned up-side-down,
right next to the oil'll need an oil filter wrench,cause it's tight!!!do not use
pliers,or you'll crack the housing..
on the motor