Where is the OBD 1 hook-up on 1992 Mercedes-Benz 500SL

I just got this 500SL. I bought it with the check engine light on. I have access to an OBD 1 computer but don't know where to find the connection. I also will need a list of the trouble codes.

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The OBD connection is under the hood on the passenger side near the windshield. It is a small box with a cover that opens with numbered pin connections, a button, and a red LED. The best tool to use is a MB HHT or MB STAR system with HHT connector. There are a few other tools which will communicate also but they are pretty expensive (Snap-On Modis, Autoboss, Autel Maxidas, etc.). Contact me once you retrieve the codes and I can give you the description(s).

I have the factory MB tools at the shop and would be happy to help if you get stuck.

Good Luck.

James Wallace
EuroAsian Garage
Seatac, WA
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