where is the o2 senser and the cam shaft senser located on 2001 Dodge Dakota

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my 2001 dodge dokota has a 4.7 L V8 it ran hot due to a busted radiator hose. I let it cool down and replaced the hose. It sounded like it was missing so I changed the sparkplugs it helped a little bit but the miss is still there and when i take my foot off the gas it stalls out
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You have 4 o2 sensors:2-upstream (ahead of cat. converter) + 2 downstream (after cat. converter). The upstream ones are best accessed by removing tire & wheel well liner. Just replaced mine and still getting codes 0141 & 0161. Learned this engine does not like Bosch sensors. Replaced L.S. (driver) w./NTK sensors. Hope it works but am skeptical.
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