where is the navigator serial number? on 2006 Honda Pilot

where do i find the navigator serial number? I looked under the seat and I see a number but it is NOT to the navigator, is the navigator system in the trunk maybe?

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The serial number is on the back of the unit under the passenger seat. It's not that easy to get to though. I usually have to use a flashlight and a mirror to get it. There are several numbers on the navigation unit and one of them will be the serial number.
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You should be able to get this off of the information screen, is the screen operating properly?
thanks for the update rdude!
its actually under the can see it with a mirror and a the dealer,give them the serial # and they will give you the unlock code.or it might be on a small card with your manuals or on a sticker in the c\glove box or on the first page of the maintenance manual.
it should be in the honda book in i guess your glove compartment.