where is the map sensor located and how many vacuum lines are in my car? on 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

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My car started running really rough about a week ago,back fires,misses and stalls (sometimes dies) at stop lights..I'm almost positive its a air flow problem i just dont know the locations of all the vacuum lines/hoses and map sensor in order to check them to see if they are the cause.
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if this is the quad four motor they are prone to ignition coil failure the housing that holds the coils cracks and arcs out causing a condition like yours, a more updated permenant fix would be to replace it with the ignition system from the 2.2l model, it does however require some easy rewiring of the ignition module and the addition of spark plug wires, I had this mod on my sunfire and it works great, the easiest part is that the 2.2l module and 2.4l moduel use the same color wires, the mod requires you to splice the wiring as the 2.2l module has a different plug and you have to be a ittle creative to mount the coils in a good spot, i had mine mounted to the firewall just behind the engine, if this mod is beoyond your scope then i would recoment just having the stock one replaced.. note its the plastic housing that goes bad not the coils and or possibly the ignition module but by the sounds of it its just the housing has cracked.