where is the location of the turn signal flasher on 2002 Chevrolet Impala

I need to replace it. Neither turn signal works. Only once and a while they will flash for a second or two

The turn/hazzard signal flasher is an integral part ot the hazzard light switch .. Replacing the push button, dash mounted switch should/will fix this! .. Switch is easily replaced IF you're handy with tools... Two push in tabs to release the old switch... If in doubt have this done by a car savvy buddy... If none is around, a mechanic will do just fine .. To test, if you must, push/release the hazzard light switch several times, bet the turn signals start working... Temporarily that is... Happy motoring
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It is now called the hazard switch, it is bigger than the normal looking flasher. It is located at the left center of inst panel. Might also check
How to video :-)