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2006 Chevrolet Colorado Question: Where is the location of the temperture sensor

I have a check engine light and computer says its my temperature sensor, where is that located on the engine? -
Answer 1
a code never identifies a bad part, just a failed system. i am assuming that it is a 128 code which talks abouttemp of the motor. more than likely, it is a failed thermostat. i would look at this before a coolant sensor. by the way, it is located by the thermostat housing and has a 2 wire connector. thanks for using repairpal. Roy -
Comment 1
Your right sorry it was a 128 code, the dealership said it could be the temp sensor, the thermostat or a lose wire, or low coolant...he thinks its the sensor so we bought it, but nobody at the auto zone could find it under the hood. I may take it back and get the thermostat. its a high dollar thermostat wow.. thanks for you help, this site is so cool, you have been a big help. -
Comment 2
the reason it is expensive is it comes as a housing. your welcome good luck Roy -
Comment 3
i beleave that sensor is behind the driver side tire take tire off and remove rubber around fender well and you should be able to see it -