Where is the location of the fuel pump relay on Ford F150 5.4l? on 1996 Ford Explorer

engine stalled while driving, and it will not start, replaced the fuel control module, fuel filter, crankshaft position sensor, valve position sensor and the inertia switch

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fuel pump relay is in the pwr dist box under hood. 1st ck inertia switch and reset.its located on rt side of trans hump inside car. there is a red reset button.if its good ck pwr to there with key on eng off
That is what i thought, just needed a verification from the master, the inertia switch was reset as well and went to the of replacing it with a good one. All basic troublesooting procedures has been followed.
Any suggestions?
do you haqve pwr at inertia switch on both sides.
Yes, and all the fuses have been checked. by the way this is on the 2005 Ford 150, V8 Triton 5.4L engine, Auro Transmision.
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