Where is the location of the ECM, and how can I check it to see if its good? on 1999 Volkswagen Beetle

Is there a way I can check the ECM to see if it is working properly?

by in Davison, MI on November 14, 2012
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ANSWER by on November 14, 2012
under the dash...is the check engine light on?
ANSWER by on November 15, 2012
Start car , test drive AND monitor MIL. Does check engine (MIL) come on at start-up and then go off within a few seconds or less? What symptoms does the car have?(besides that it's a volkswagen)
COMMENT by on November 15, 2012
when you turn the key to start it, it does nothing, power door locks, courtesy lights, gas flap, truck will not work. it has not run for a month now the other day i hit the key and it started but nothing worked, I turned it off and its back to not starting again. I have checked all fuses, starter wires, changed the control module, it has a new battery. I don't know what to check now.
COMMENT by on November 15, 2012
I'll stand behind my volkswagen remark , but be sure not to take it in a malicious way! You've got your work cut out for you if you want to tackle an electrical issue on a VW. With the additional AND very important info you gave , I have another question. Do you have a volt-ohmmeter and patience to check wiring with it? Starting from the battery lead to the fuse box check for proper connection, (no corrosion/loose pins) and power(should read within .2V (I'm being liberal) of battery voltage. If wiring diagrams are available to you , that would be a big plus. Don't overthink it. Stick to the basics of power and ground sources first. Some continuity tests may require really long jumper wires, and disconnect PCM while checking , so that while testing , no chance of power feedback through wrong circuit damages it. HOPEFULLY someone else will chime in and clear up any goofs or mis-statements I've made and hopefully this has been some help. Good luck. Hope you get it and hope it's not a nightmare!

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