Where is the location of the crankshaft control sensor on 1990 Dodge Dakota

Ive replaced my o2 sensor, map sensor, tp sensor, tp motor, plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor. My truck starts,and runs with a high idle and goes down pretty fast, but after it warms up, it will stall. If I turn my engine off, it won't start right away, almost like it's flooded. It could also be my cam sensor too? I would like some on the location of the crank sensor, and maybe some tips on how to install it.

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There is no crank position sensor on a 90 Dakota.
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I had the same problem with my truck and I believe it is the ECM you're going to have to replace. there's a short in it thats why its doing that, sometimes after the motor warms up. But will work again once it cools down. I bought one online that was refurbished. It cost me 75$ . Very easy to put on. Just make sure u tell them the right part number which is on your old one.