where is the intake gasket on a v6 achieva on 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva

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where is the intake gasket on a olds achieva v6
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Same place on any engine, between the intake manifold and the cylinder head(s)!! WHY do you ask?
was told it needs replaced was wondering if i could do the repair instead of paying $350
Don't waste your time and money, let the mechanic take care of it.
If you have to ask where it is, then do not attempt this! Sorry but that's just the way it is.
Not a job for DIY.
I understand you wanting to save a buck but if you don't watch you will spend more.
350. not a bad price nowadays for auto repair of any kind. I figured it would have been more.
the intake gasket is on top of the engine, if you look it up online, maybe you could do this job yourself.
I don't think so YM. Achieva, you need to know if this is a 3.1 V-6 you need the upgraded intake gasket made be Felpro. Contact me at for the specifics.