Where is the ignition module located on 1996 Ford Contour

can not find the ignition module on my car

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There is no ignition module on your Contour. The duties of a typical ignition module are handled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) on this car.

What problems are you experiencing?
the problem is that the 95 contour that I have has had a 2000 2.5 put in and it will not start .and the 95 has a module in the fire wall right over th pcm,the newer ones are located elswhere
Ah, that is a very very big problem.

You cannot interchange the engines you have described like that. 1995 is OBDI, and 2000 is OBDII. Completely different electronic architecture.

The absolute best you can do is pull everything down to the "long block" and swap all the components - every last one, every sensor, everything on the engine. Then you may have a shot. But it's still a guess as to whether or not it will work.

Sorry...and best of luck.
Thanks for the good news! LOL
I'm sorry to be the guy to say it! But like I said, all is not lost -- you could likely use the block and head as is. I would change everything else, from injectors, to intake, to harnesses...all the way. I think any block or head differences would be insignificant to the difference in sensors and engine management. So all is not lost...