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1996 Toyota Tacoma Question: Where is the Heater control valve located on a 1996 toyota tacoma?

I would lik to replace the heater control valve on my 1996 toyota tacoma and am not sure where to start looking for it? -
Answer 1
Follow the heater hose you will find it. Always tell us what engine is in the vehicle!! Even if it dont seem to make any difference. -
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You know Wetry this a subject that I have discussed with Mr. Bodas. When a person is looking for help we as auto techs need the correct info to help them. Some models have up to 4 to 7 submodels. When entering the submodel it defines the engine size sometimes. With the proper info we can help the people submitting the question. That is the reason why I ask people to cantact me at jmgrhm30@gmail.com. I have helped more people directly than this website. -
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You are 100% right on that! I get so tired of guessing at what i am guessing at just a little more info. sure would help. Should be a requirement! That is the reason for my profile. By the way MERRY CHRISTMAS! -
Answer 2
In the heater hose at the firewall. Your real problem is the restricted heater core. -