2006 Toyota Corolla Q&A

2006 Toyota Corolla Question: WHERE IS THE FUSE PANEL LOCATED?

Answer 1
There is a fuse box on the right side of the engine compartment (looking in from the front of the car black plastic cover over it) about 3/4 of the way back the fender). Fuses for wipers, washer, tail light, stop light, cigarette lighter are all in a fuse box under dash driver's side.May need a flash light to see it. -
Comment 1
how the heck do i get the fuse out? I managed to get the cover off the fuse box under the dash and i know which fuse needs to be replaced but i don't know how to pull the fuse out! -
Comment 2
oh yes, being a woman little things like this help a lot,thanks -
Answer 2
how can you tell where the positive side of the fuse box is -
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