Where is the fuse located for the door locks, clock and trunk light? on 1996 Toyota Avalon

clock, trunk light, and door locks are not working.

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Under the dash drivers side just like it says in the owners manual,if you have it.
My user manual has pictures of fuse box locations on page 163 and discussion of fuse replacement on page 179. Please send me the page number where the functions of each of the 16 fuse locations in the driver's side fuse box are described. That particular fuse box has a cover in my 1996 Avalon, with fuse descriptions, but no fuse description mentions "door locks, clock and trunk light". Perhaps you could specify which fuse you know controls this circuit by its amperage and location (either first or second column, and row number (eight choices here).
Here is how it's done... Using a 12 volt test light, test every fuse you can find on the car with key on!!... It'll take a couple minutes to do so!!
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In the drivers side fuse box.
Which fuse (not indicated by the drawing inside the box cover)?